The Pembroke Dock Game Jam is a not for profit organisation to teach and promote computer games development in Pembroke Dock, Wales. We try to achieve this by having Game Jams – a short festival where games are made over a weekend by local individuals. Game Jams are free and open to the general public to participate, and to the entire World remotely over the Internet.

The Pembroke Dock Game Jam is run by Robin Southern; a Games Middleware Developer from Pembroke Dock, with collaboration and support of the Pembroke Dock Town Team.

Game Jams

The first Game Jam was held at the The Cove, Pembroke Dock on the Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of November 2016. It was 30 hours long. People attended the Game Jam in person and remotely from home. The Game Jam Event in November 2016 was funded by the Pembrokeshire County Council.

Our second Game Jam 'PD Mini Jam' was held at Showboat TV, Pembroke Dock on the Saturday 28th January 2017. It was 8 hours long.

The third Game Jam 'PD Beer Jam' was also held at Showboat Tv at the end of March. The games made were then featured at the Pembroke Dock Beer Festival 2017 for attendees to play.